Up The Andes We Go!

Posted: Fri, Jul 29, 2016

Location: Travel Day
Author: Joshua D.

Our time in the Galapagos had come to end, and our departure from Ecuador would soon follow. But not too soon, for we still have the Andes to explore! We took the extra time to sleep in during our brief final day in Hotel Castro, for the travel to our last destination was the longest one of all. We traveled by bus, by boat, and then by bus once more, all to simply reach the airport Baltra.

After a content lunch in a small airport restaurant known as Isla Express, we made our way through the short security and into the comfy seats of our plane. It was not long before we made it past the great 1000 km distance and were back into the modern city of Quito, but we did not make for another stay at the hotel there, as we had done after returning from the Amazon. It was midday, but our travel was far from over, and as soon as we walked out onto the streets we immediately began our third bus ride in total. An incredibly long drive up the winding roads of the mountainside, which bore with it several great views through the wide windows of the bus, both of Quito and of the inside of the mountain range, until night had fallen.

A great deal of us had fallen asleep by then and all that could still be seen outside were the passing of small towns and the numerous lights of Quito down below, whenever the vegetation that surrounded the edge of the road allowed it. Our four-hour long drive finally concluded, but in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. Our luggage was dropped onto large pickup trucks, and we had to hike up a steep and dark driveway. At last we reached the light at the end of the tunnel, a homey inn where we would spend our last mornings and nights. The Black Sheep Inn! After we were assigned our rooms and everything, we were able to try out the inns signature dinner, A home-cooked vegetarian feast, they called it. And indeed it was feast, mash potatoes stuffed with vegetables, lentils and other fillings, stacked like lasagna and topped with a deep brown gravy. Some call this Shepherd’s Pie.

And with that we went out the back door, pleasantly surprised at the area that lay hidden behind the building, with different paths that led to a variety of activities that we could enjoy whenever we had free time. Finally, we unpacked in our rooms and prepared for the upcoming day, when there would be plenty of service work for us to do early on.