Pinzn Excursion

Posted: Thu, Jul 28, 2016

Location: The Galapagos Islands
Author: Felix H.

To round up our memorable stay in the Galapagos, Devin, Skylar and Rob planned a trip to the island of Pinzn. We woke up fairly early to ensure we had time to fully enjoy our action packed day that was to come.

The ride to Pinzn was beautiful as we were able to stop by and admire a newly formed volcanic island, a sanctuary to sea lions and blue footed boobies. I noticed a large male sea lion that was perched on top of a rock about 10 feet above the water, which fascinated me. Shortly after talking with our guide Cesar, I found out that the rock was underwater a few hours ago at a time of particularly high tide allowing the sea lion to get to his sun tanning spot for the day. The rest of the ride was bumpy because it was choppy in the open water causing Isis and Soo to feel overwhelmingly sea sick. I gladly gave up my seat at the back so Soo could be in the shade and feel much better.

The snorkeling spot Cesar showed us was incredible. The burst of energy that emanated through my body was sensational when I jumped into the cool turquoise water. I was further amazed when I encountered two sea lions playing with each other. Observing their movements and how content they were made me feel great and it was undoubtedly my favorite part of the trip so far. After spending around 10 minutes in the water I was on my way back to our boat and was suddenly faced with a relatively big marine iguana that swam right in front of my mask. It was a wonderful experience to see a marine iguana up close as it was my first experience seeing one swimming.

To conclude our island adventure, we had lunch on the boat and did some fishing. We trailed for around twenty minutes before we got our first bite. Orlando courageously volunteered to wrestle the large fish that was on our line. The battle lasted a strenuous amount of time leaving Orlando heartbroken when the line snapped as it was probably caught on the rocks beneath us. However, one of the other boats had caught a grouper and we were rewarded with some delicious sashimi from the raw fish.

Our instructors were considerate enough to give us free time for dinner in town for our last night in the Galapagos. I had a great dinner at a local Ecuadorian restaurant with three of my best friends: Claire, David and Faris. Our rollercoaster of a day is one that I am definitely going to remember for the rest of my life as I saw an array of beautiful marine life.