Day 19- Peter Island, Road Town and Norman Island

Posted: Sun, Jul 26, 2015

We started our morning irregularly late at 8:00, and in an effort to utilize the remainder of the food on board our breakfast consisted of a smorgasbord of sausage, pancakes, biscuits, fruit, cereal, oatmeal and yogurt. Following our indulgent breakfast, both boats went ashore on Peter Island to hear the story of Conrad and his nephew Thurman.  In short, Conrad was the patriarch of Peter Island prior to his death and made a lasting impact on the island by restoring the most of the island to its fishing village aesthetic. As his health began to deteriorate, Conrad could no longer look after the entire island and was forced to lease part of his home to a hotel company that would go on to use the land acquired to build a mega resort, that is still there today.We hiked around the island and we were keen to observe the drastic difference from Conrad’s village-like, easy-going half of the island to the high end mega resort on the other half. After the eye opening experience provided by our hike around Peter Island, we returned to our anchored boats for a day of relaxing, swimming, snorkeling and reminiscing over some of the greatest three weeks anyone could ask for. At about midday the skipper of Kes Kat, Elliot, dinghied over to our boat announcing that for the first time ever a Lifeworks boat would be a part of the tri-annual sail side catamaran race. He recruited two crew members, myself and Brendan D. We sailed from Peter Island to Road Town harbor to begin the race. It was a race for about 10 minutes while the pack of five ships raised there jibs and found the wind but after those ten minutes, thanks to the help of our war paint and battle cries, we had pulled so far ahead that it was a struggle to make out the boats in our wake. We sailed over the finish line a whopping 25 minutes ahead of the nearest competitor. The day was then ended with a brief swim, dinner and an evening program that brought us even closer together than living in close quarters for three weeks ever did.IMG_0875