Staff update

Posted: Wed, Jul 9, 2014

Location: West End, Tortola
Author: Linda

The second session of the summer is only a couple hours away from starting and the staff aboard Calypso is eagerly awaiting our first shipmates to walk down the dock. Today has been a very busy day making sure that the boats are fully equipped for the days that are ahead of us, so that we are ready to simply throw off our docking lines and start our adventure. Upon arrival the shipmates will check in, hopefully call home (if they aren’t too distracted by the crystal clear water) and start hanging out with the rest of their crew. As soon as we have everyone aboard our boat we will enjoy a tortellini dinner together in the cockpit where the shipmates really have the opportunity to wind down and get to know one another. After dinner and showers many shipmates choose to sleep below the starry sky on their first night, cozily rolled up in a hammock. Hopefully everyone will get a good nights rest so they will be well rested for our first sail tomorrow! We will sail to the caves of Norman Island and have our first dip in the Caribbean Sea ” it tends to be the highlight of their day. For the next couple of weeks the group is going to experience amazing things together and we are so excited to share this experience with them! Welcome to La Bella Vita ” we are going to have an amazing time!

Here is an introduction to the staffof Calypso:

Mitch- skipper

Mitch, adventurer, fine food connoisseur and most importantly, sailor, joined ActionQuest in 2008 after his voyage aboard Sea|mester vessel Ocean Star. During the past 6 years he has finished his Communications undergrad from the University of Utah while successfully skiing the worlds best powder. Mitchell is a seasoned EMT and currently holds a leadership role in sailing and staff operations at ActionQuest. He most looks forward to teaching the youth valuable life lessons while living aboard and sailing a yacht.

Linda- dive instructor/mate

Linda spent most of her formidable years on a sailing boat dreaming of one day becoming a marine biologist ” so that she could continue living and working in an environment she loved. Today she has a bachelors degree in molecular biology and is finishing up her masters degree in environmental toxicology. When she is not attending the university you can find her traveling the world to work as a scuba instructor or playing ice hockey. Her professional credentials include PADI Open Water Instructor and Emergency First Response Instructor.