Excerpt: Dive Log Of The Andromeda

Posted: Mon, Jul 22, 2013

Swedish Archipelago
Between Lasgar & Krogen
Lat. 58 degrees 47.9 ; Lon 017 55.5E

Ive been wondering why anyone would name such a beautiful boat after a Greek chick who got tied to a rock.? Her mother Cassiopeia was a bit too full of maternal mouth and the Greek gods hated hubris (arrogant pride) so Poseidon tied her to a rock as a sacrifice to the Kraken. (Remember the movie? Now there was a sea monster worth its salt.) Dont fret however because the Greeks also loved legends with last minute rescues and true to form Perseus, the slayer of Medusa, shows up in the nick of time, slays the Kraken and rescues the girl. Which is great unless you happen to be rooting for the Kraken, but thats another story, which has nothing to do with our next dive.

In the midst of a beautiful chain of small islands, within sight of a channel through which sailboats coming from Germany enter the twisty trail to Stockholm lies a lovely little double masted 30 meter wooden brig, which sank in 1834.

Weve been looking for wooden wrecks for a couple days and are delighted to find this one. We had help. Archaeologists Sarahs Viking ancestors gave us a hand by leaving a traditional Viking plastic buoy on the site.
So, with that much help how could we go wrong?

The brig is in pretty good shape for her age. She is upright on a rocky bottom next to a rocky ledge off the side of a rocky cove. You get it, there are a lot of rocks.
The viz was good, surprising actually, more than 20 which let us see lots of, you guessed it, rocks, all around the brig. Fun dive. Enjoy the photos.