Race Day

Jul 1, 2011

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Eli A.
Today was race day! In the morning we woke up at Sandy Spit Island and sailed to West End. This sail was the first of two races. On our way to West End not much happened, it was an easy sail. However on our second sail there was a pretty huge squall. About half way through the second race we got hit by piercing rain and shouting winds. Overall today was a fantastic day. The races in general really exemplify this trip as a whole. In a race everyone starts at the same place desperately waiting for the right moment to take the first step and have everyone else envy their leadership. As the race continues the boats break off into smaller closer groups that feed off each others actions and embrace each others reactions. These groups become closer and more understanding of each other as the race continues. Towards the middle of the race the true intentions of the racers are revealed. Some are forced out of the smaller group left alone to try and succeed by themselves, while the new smaller group becomes even closer to the end. The small groups are brought together revealing their strategies and how they act. As the race ends the racers all pass through the finish line with different experiences and knowledge gained from each other.