Have You Ever Seen The Rain?

Jul 1, 2011

Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island
Author: Stefan S.
Today we woke up around 6:30. Once everyone was actually awake we sat down to a hearty and filling breakfast of oatmeal With stomachs full we were finally ready to race. We were filled with anxiety as the boats lined up. After what seemed like an eternity, a voice boomed over the radio- three, two, one… GO! And we were off. We started out the race in the lead but the other boats were close behind us. We raced on until the wind gave out. While we were sailing around with the small amount of wind we had, we were able to take a picture snapped an eagle ray jumped clear out of the water and into the picture. We were all stupified at this phenomenon. As we drew closer to the finish line the other boats were catching up. We drew closer.. 50 feet, 40, 30… Knot Guilty continued on us. 25 feet, 20, 15, 10. Knot Guilty was about to pass us. 5 ft. Almost there. 4 feet, 3,2,1. We crossed the finish line and Knot Guilty was behind us. We had won. We all started cheering loudly and started singing We Are the Champions. it goes without saying that we were not gracious about winning at that moment. We sailed into port and I had my first pizza in about a month. After our short visit to port we set out for another race. The race began out windy with waves. It seemed as though everything was fine. And everything was, at least until the storm hit. It was a