Jim Tuman


If you ever sailed with AQ in the BVI, then you know this gentleman...

Not to be confused with Jim Stoll, AQ's founder (and yet another inspirational individual), Jim Tuman is a man who has dedicated his life to motivating youth. Now 72, Jim has presented to over 3,000,000 young adults, and as a member of our alumni (especially if you joined us for a program in the BVI at any point in our 27-year history) you may well have been one of them, listening to a recording of Jim speaking to a high school group in the northeast USA. As we sat together atop the hill on the small, idyllic island of Marina Cay, we were invited to consider Jim's messages

  • The best things in life aren't things. Fast forward to 1m 37sec
  • Life is capricious. Fast forward to 7m 08sec
  • Whatever it is that you want to be remembered for,
    stick that at the top of your list and start living it out.
    Fast forward to 13min 08sec

It is my hope that you might take ten or fifteen minutes to connect, or in many cases reconnect with Jim's message through his own words and so, with his permission, I have copied some of the key parts of his recording here. Stopping our busy lives for just a few moments to consider what he has to say could make a difference in your life, as well as in the lives of those you love and care for.

Jim has given a lot to ActionQuest alumni over the years and so I have but one favor to ask. In many cases we gain our drive and inspiration from others so if at any point Jim's messages have inspired or motivated you, please let him know, after all, he never had the opportunity to meet you either. Jim would love to hear directly from you, so take a moment to write him an email or simply post a message on his facebook page: