Ready to sign aboard?
Follow these steps to embark on your adventure of a lifetime.

1. Find Your Adventure

The focus of our Adventures differ greatly, so selecting the trip that has the right balance for you is the most important step. A lot of this has to do with you as a person… your interests and goals, yet if you’re not sure then call or email us with any questions that you have. We would be thrilled to talk through our options and help you decide.

2. Speak To Our Alumni

If you think that you’ve found the right Adventure, we encourage you to speak with those whose wake you’ll be following. We recognize that taking the plunge and committing to joining our team is a big step. Speaking to someone who was once in your shoes can greatly help. Contact our office and we’ll connect you with some of our alumni and their families.

3. Take The Plunge & Enroll

Jump to our online application using the link in the menu bar and get the process started – it shouldn’t take long to complete as we request fairly standard information about you.
Once you submit the application, we’ll send you an e-mail immediately to let you know we got it. We then review your details to make sure we also feel that this is the right Adventure for you.  If we have any questions, we’ll contact you directly before fully confirming your place on our team. Be sure to print a copy of the application and have a parent or guardian sign it before mailing it to our office and congratulations, your adventure is just beginning!

Start Your Application Now

Consider Your Total Investment

Hopefully you’ve already had a chance to consider the value of the experience, yet it’s equally important to fully understand the total cost of your investment.

Tuition includes
  • All accommodation, meals, and ground transportation
  • Full-time staff supervision
  • All certifications, group activities, sight-seeing trips, and educational excursions
Tuition does not include
  • Air transportation, including in-country flights, are not included since our students come from all over the world
  • Fees associated with obtaining passports, visas, vaccinations
  • Health insurance, travel insurance, medical and evacuation expenses
  • Airport taxes & baggage fees
  • Personal spending money

Understand our expectations

We try to avoid calling them rules at ActionQuest; we prefer to refer to them as “agreements” because this is a common code of conduct that we all live by.

All students are required to review and sign our Student Agreement Contract before the journey, which you can access via the link at the bottom of this section. Our agreements provide a framework for living in community and are something that we all strive to live up to. This is an important part of the AQ experience.

Download our student contract

Insure Your Investment

Life is uncertain, so it’s important for students and parents to understand our Terms and Agreements and consider protecting their tuition investment. Purchasing Tuition & Travel Protection Insurance provides coverage for unexpected travel emergencies including medical, evacuation, airline and trip interruption coverage. In many cases, you can also select a cancel for any reason policy that allows an additional degree of flexibility should your plans change before the summer.

Learn more about insurance

Book your flights

It’s going to be important to get to the right place at the right time, so we’ll be helping you through the process of booking your flights.

Getting to and from each of our program locations is slightly different, so check out the FAQ section on each Adventure page for specifics, or for a broad overview click on the link below.

More about travel

Complete Your Pre-Trip Forms

Sometime in March, we’ll send you a detailed information packet via our online Participant Portal. This Pre-Trip Packet includes preparation checklists, medical forms, packing lists, summer communications information, travel and contact instructions, and more. Review this information carefully as there is a ton of relevant details you don’t want to miss.  There are some forms that need to be completed by you and returned to us at this point. You should endeavor to complete these as soon as you can as it really helps us in preparing everything for your adventure.

Pack Your Bags & Get Ready!

Visit our online store and get the gear you need! Pack your bag, get some rest and eat a good meal. You’re off to an incredible place to experience the adventure of a lifetime!

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